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Vito Isn’t Afraid to Fight for What’s Right

Make Education A Priority

Education should be our number one priority. The students we are raising will be the future in our communities. We cannot sit back and witness the dismantling of Public Education in our state. We must invest in our children’s future. As your next State Representative I will work alongside School Board Members, teachers, and parents to stop damaging legislation in Tallahassee such as HB 7069 and HB 7055.

Focus on Families

Many District 70 families are one paycheck or one medical bill away from homelessness. Vito has brought together non-profits and organizations to help combat this issue, but they need State Government to assist in their efforts for us to make a real change for our most at-risk citizens.

Jobs with Dignity

Folks in Vito’s community don’t want a handout, they want a job they can take pride in and raise a family on. Vito will focus on job training, technical skills, and employer recruitment so that his constituents have access to higher wages.

Justice For All Our Citizens

Vito won’t rest until every one of his constituents has access to the American Dream. Racially-biased sentencing, laws that drag children in to our justice system for non-violent youthful mistakes, and practices that make it almost impossible to reintegrate into society are compounding the cycle of poverty. Vito will bring
together law enforcement and the community to create a fair and just system.


Protecting our shoreline is essential to our state's economy. I will work with environmentalist and local agencies including the Florida Sierra Club and Environment Florida to shape and pass responsible legislation.

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